Recovery Coaching Rates

Wild flower meadow with poppies and CornflowersI offer single sessions in 30-minute or 60-minute increments.

Packages are available, as well, and I am always open to creating a schedule that works for you.  You might need frequent support for a while:  twice per week, once per week, every two weeks.  You decide how often we need to work together.  

 FREE Introductory Session–20 minutes  

 $20 per 30-minute session

 $40 per 60-minute session

 All sessions with me include the following:

Specific action plan, including objectives needed to accomplish your goals

Thorough recap after each session

Homework for you

unlimited email support

2 10-minute support phone calls

Visit my Select Sessions Page to get started.

Please note:  I do not offer therapeutic counseling services.  My sessions are intended to be productive, client-centered, and action-oriented.  What does that mean?  We won’t spend too much time in the past, and I won’t give you a diagnosis. If you need a therapist or psychiatrist, then please visit one.  I can help you find appropriate services, if needed.