Frequently Asked Questions

What does a recovery coach do?  Environmental Conservation

I am passionate about helping women to create a personalized, custom-fit plan to help them create the life they were meant to live. I developed what I call a 3D Approach to Change™, a strengths-based, specific, and solution-oriented process which addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This approach is based on my experience, strength, and hope that I have discovered, defined, and developed in my own journey of recovery from alcohol and toxic relationships with others.  

As my client, we will analyze your thinking habits and change negative, self-defeating thoughts into positive, more productive behaviors. You will develop long-term and short-term goals and action plans. During the coaching process, I will help you to identify and remove both personal and environmental barriers hampering your success.  I will keep you moving forward and future-focused, and you will build your confidence and self esteem.  

Our first order of business will most likely involve collaborating to create a daily action plan with some very simple, easy-to-implement activities that will help keep your mind, body, and spirit in a positive space.  You will identify triggers that might lead you to make unhealthy decisions. You will brainstorm a list of possible roadblocks that could keep you from achieving your goals. You will create alternative plans to help you avoid those roadblocks.  Those are just some of the critical tasks we will tackle in the beginning, and I walk with you every step of the way.

Whom do you help? I help women who are:

  • unsure of their desires and goals in life and how to start achieving them
  • ready to make healthy changes in their lives
  • breaking free from the self-destructive cycles of alcohol and/or other substances
  • binge drinking and needing to explore ways to reduce or stop their consumption
  • living with or loving an active or recovering addict
  • recovering from divorce, a death, or toxic relationships

I am in recovery, and I already have a sponsor and/or a therapist.  What can you do for me?  

I am neither a replacement for a therapist (I do not diagnose) nor a sponsor (if you are interested in utilizing a 12-Step approach to any addiction issues).   Sponsorship tends to be a voluntary, service-oriented, with the sponsor often telling the sponsee how to work the 12 Steps of Recovery.  I do not endorse any one specific model of recovery; there are many roads leading to sobriety. We will work together to discover what works for you. As it relates to recovery, my services are offered as a continuation in the process of change that was started in treatment or when you stopped using. My job is to help you discover the strength and capability you might have forgotten you possessed–using best recovery practices and my own personal experience with addiction and recovery.   

Do I have to be in recovery for you to help me?  

No!  ALL women can benefit from working with me.  Many find themselves seemingly stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior, codependency issues, low self-worth, unfulfilled lives, and unrealized dreams.  We will work together as a team to discover what changes can be made immediately, and which ones might take a bit longer to implement.  The key is to find a starting point.  

If you happen to be a woman in recovery from alcohol or other substances, I will meet you right where you are in your addiction. Whether you are just concerned about your compulsive tendencies, unhealthy habits, dissatisfaction with your life, struggling with a relapse, or have just completed an in-patient rehab program, we will uncover what your dreams look like and how you can achieve them.  

Even women with long-term recovery can benefit from moving beyond the label of “addict” or “alcoholic” and begin to build a new, beautiful life which draws from their experience, strength and hope. Family members and loved ones of addicted persons, as well as Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunction, benefit greatly from recovery coaching, as well.  

If I have an addiction, then how long will it take to recover?

Remember the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare?  Well, the moral of that one was, “slow and steady wins the race.”  Recovery is a life-long journey; however, the first 12 months of sobriety are the most critical since your brain functions are beginning to normalize, and you are at your most susceptible for relapsing. Regardless of whether or not you are in recovery, your plan might require three weeks, six weeks, twelve weeks, six months, or twelve months.  The frequency and duration are completely up to you.  You decide when you have experienced a level of success which you define at the outset.  Once we begin to discover, define, and develop or dreams, our needs tend to change: goals, objectives, and time-frames might have to be revised. The 3D Approach remains flexible and fluid, ever-adapting to what is best for your well-being. 

How do the sessions take place? 

If you live in the Houston and surrounding areas, then we can work together in person.  I can travel to you*, or we can meet at an agreed-upon spot that won’t distract us.   Telephone and Skype sessions are available, as well.  Call or email me to schedule your introductory session:  713-898-9004    Once we determine that we are a good fit for one another, then I will email you a New Client Packet.  All forms must be signed and returned to me.  All of our time together and conversations are held in privacy honoring the utmost confidentiality.


*Travel fees will be added if more than 25 miles away